FRIDAY, August 29th 2008, 22:00 to open End

MS Schrittmacher celebrates X 

For and with all Friends, Supporters, and Members of the Company as well as for those
interested in getting to know MS Schrittmacher.
Ten years dance company MS Schrittmacher: We are going all out.
With Performances and Video installations we gone show our past and peek into future.
During the course of the evening in Studio 103 Members and Friends of the Company will
show excerpts from the 14 Pieces of the Company as well as Personal creations, Objects,
Installations etc…At the same time a video installation will run documenting the last 10 years
of MS Schrittmacher.
The Party begins in the 103 Club with DJ’s, live Music and further Schow Acts.

X Party | Performances | Videoinstallationen
On Friday 29.08. 2008 from 22.00 Uhr
In 103Club and the 103Studio
Falckensteinstr. 47 109997 Berlin – Kreuzberg

With: Members of MS Schrittmacher and
Lubricat, Total Brutal (Nir de Volff), Cie. Isabelle
Schad, Two Fish, TEN PEN CHii, Clint Lutes,
Cie. Tomi Paasonen, Trixie Cordua, Dance Lab
(Norbert Servos), Brendan Shelper, Moving, Be van Vark, Roses&Co.,
Cie. Efrat Stempler, DJ s u.v.A.

Fee € 10.-
Up to date Informations

Martin Stiefermann
+49 (0)30 6981434

MS Schrittmacher in Cooperation with 103 Studio
presented from DOCK11
suported from DINAMIX, Hüben & Drüben, Lichtblick
Mediapartner Boum Magazin, Boum TV